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Top 5 Quadcopters Review

Most techie people today knows what quadcopter is. It has been becoming a phenomenon to a lot of technology enthusiasts, most especially, to those who are hobbyist. These quadcopters are also known as the drones that are very popular in the market today. But, hobbyists are actually not the only one interested with quadcopters, even […]


Top 5 Video Drones Review

A lot have been venturing for drones nowadays. It has been a very popular invention among the sport enthusiasts and as well as film makers. Why, you might ask? Well, that is because how drones are able to capture aerial views that your normal camera will not be able to provide. Of course, there are […]


Top 5 FPV Racing Drones

There’s nothing more entertaining than watching a heart-pounding, gut-wrenching, will-bending races that’s ultimately decided by an inch or a millisecond maybe. Often times, we want to be part of the action not just spectators, but also competitors. The need for speed is in some of us. In fact, people innovate just for the sake of […]