Top 5 AirDog Drone Sport Modes

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If you are an adventure sports enthusiast, AirDog Drone is the best choice to be your buddy. It is great when it comes to capturing some pro-grade aerial footage of your possible exploits. The AirDog drone can fly differently depending on your chosen AirDog Drone Sport Modes. It is safe to say that it is the only drone built for action sports. Why do we say so? Read further more below.

It has different settings for surfing, kick boarding, snowboarding, skateboarding, skiing, mountain biking and as well as wake boarding. When you use AirDog drone with a sport that involves line between an object and yourself, it will stay upwind of you. Do you want to know which AirDog drone sport modes are on top of the sports enthusiast list? Well, let us walk you through it, but first, let us give you the general idea of AirDog Drone.

What to know on AirDog Drone?

The thing about AirDog drone is it does not have remote control. Rather than a remote control, what it has is the waterproof AirLeash — a wristband that will let your drone know where you are. There is a monochrome LCD which will display the status of the drone, controls that will help navigate through menus and as well as a return-to-home button.

On the other hand, this drone does not have an integrated camera. You will have to mount your own GoPro for this matter. Since all outdoor sports enthusiasts already owns this kind of action camera, so will not be a problem anymore. As for the interface of AirDog drone, it is dressed in yellow and purple. The purple arms fold in easier storage and as well as transport. Depending on the condition of the wind, it can fly for 10 to 18 minutes. This drone is designed to remain stable even in high winds. However, if the wind is too strong, greater than 28 knots, the drone would not be able to take off. You can order one in Amazon.

AirDog Drone Sport Modes

#1 MTB


Mountain biking has been the sport that began in the late 1970s. It is a sport of riding bicycles in off-roads or often over rough terrains with the use of specially designed mountain bikes. There are a lot of categories that mountain biking would fall: trail riding, cross country, downhill, all mountain, dirt jumping and as well as freeride. Are you in this kind of sport? Then you need to have AirDog and use their MTB sport mode. What comes with this one of the AirDog drone sport modes?

Well, with AirDog drone MTB sport mode, we highlight five (5) of its features.

Ground Collision Avoidance

As said, AirDog does not come with a remote control with what the usual drones would have, rather it has AirLeash. In MTB sport mode, AirDog maintains the preset height distance that it has which is relative to AirLeash at all times. How would it prevent ground collision? AirDog has LiDAR. It will help prevent ground collision whenever you are shooting down a trail at a high speed even if AirDog is flying over terrain that is higher than the terrain you are riding over. With LiDar, it can sense the distance between the ground and as well as the AirDog drone. It runs in a realtime analysis of altitude changes. LiDAR will kick in if your altitude happens to drop and will keep your drone from colliding with the ground. This makes the AirDog the only sports drone on the market that has LiDAR.

Precision Following

AirDog has a sensor fusion technology. It makes the AirDog be able to aggressively track every move you make. The drone is loaded with a lot of sensors to both the AirLeash and well as the AirDog.

Landing is made fast, easy and safe

If you are already done with your ride, AirLeash will let you land your drone a few feet from where you are currently positioned with just a single push of the button. With AirDog, it will not give you distractions. When your AirDog’s battery is already in low level, AirLeash will notify you with a beep. If you happen to have not noticed it, AirDog will automatically land itself at the latest location from where it spotted you.

Hands Free Control

AirLeash was designed specifically for action sports unlike handheld remote controls or your smartphones. If you are biking, you would want to hold the handlebars with both hands and at the same time, taking full control of your AirDog. But how can you do this? The answer is AirLeash. With this device, it you can do both of the tasks you want to do. You can wear it on your arm or wrist and it has super easy to select buttons.

AirDog fits in your Backpack

The thing about AirDog is it is compact and definitely foldable. It gives you freedom to just roam wherever you want and capture footage without boundaries.

#2 Wakeboard

airdog-wakeboardAre you a water sport enthusiast? Perhaps, you are into wakeboarding? AirDog can be used with its sport mode for wakeboard. Wakeboarding is known to be a surface water sport that involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water. What can AirDog wakeboard sport mode do? We listed 3 points:

Follow Line Mode

Wakeboarding needs cables and the cable parks are obstacles for drones to get through. However, with the wakeboarding mode of AirDog, you will be able to fly your drone without any trouble. You just have to draw a flight path for the AirDog to follow. With it, the drone will follow you behind or stay in front of you while keeping the camera aimed at you.

Steady and Smooth Footage

AirDog have filters in its algorithms that will make sure the drone is steady. It makes sure that only the camera will make the adjustment just to keep you in the frame without affecting the camera’s focus.

Hands Free Control and Easy Landing

Same with MTB sport mode, the AirDog has a waterproof wearable technology. You cannot dip the product in the water but it filtered out readings from the submerision of AirLeash that will keep the AirDog from going for a swim. In addition, the drone will always automatically land whenever you battery level is low from the same spot it took off from.

#3 Surf

airdog-surfboardAnother water sport that AirDog have considered sport mode is surfing. What makes it different from other sport mode? We have out the following ideas:

Timer for Takeoff

When you surf, you need to paddle out a certain distance to catch a wave and most drones communicates through ranges that are higher from the former distance needed. However, the communication range is different when the drone is not in the air, especially in the water. Batteries will eventually drain out as soon as the drone starts. But with AirDog, that will not be anymore a problem. With the drone, you will have to set a distance and as well as a timer to instruct the AirDog when you plan for it to follow you. The drone will just wait on the shore and will fly out near you when the timer ends.

Precision Following

With AirDog, you can get wild and it will stay steady. The drone anticipates that possible changes in direction. They have surf algorithm that will filter out the cutbacks and rotation movements in order for it to give you a super steady footage and as well as precise following.

Adapts to the Environment

Surfing is a water sport, so there is water. With AirDog, you do not have to worry about it. It’s AirLeash can be dipped in the water. The AirDog engineers have applied highly advanced algorithms that will not let the drone take a swim when you do.

Focus on Surfing

Even when you are surfing, the drone monitors the battery level actively. It will  automatically land when it detects that the battery is in lowest level. The AirDog will safely and easily land on the spot where it last recorded your location.

#4 Backcountry

airdog-backcountryThe backcountry sports could be skiing or snowboarding. In this kind of extreme sports, it includes hazards such as terrain, avalanches, life-threatening weather and as well as wild animals. But if you are one who is game for this sports and has a thing for aerial shots, then AirDog’s backcountry sport mode is right for you. It has the following benefits:

Precision Following

This has been constant in all the Airdog drone sport modes. Well, since backcountry sport demands an extreme precision following, the AirDog gives it to you. You would not have to worry about extreme elevation changes because with AirDog, it will always have its ultra-precise tracking. It is loaded with sensors that work together to give you the best footage.

Ground Collision Avoidance

As mentioned in the other AirDog drone sport modes, AirDog would always maintain preset distance with AirLeash. It will help prevent ground collision because of its built-in LiDAR. A device that senses the distance between the ground and as well as the AirDog. It runs a realtime analysis for possible terrain elevation.

#5 Windsurf

AirDog Drone Sport Modes - WindsurfThe windsurf sport faces strong winds always. This is one of the AirDog drone sport modes that has the best feature. Check out the following features in this kind of sport mode:

Withstands Harsh Weather

AirDog can hold on its own when face with strong winds. It can hold out up to 28 knots wind speed. This drone can really resist strong winds and will let you off the hook about worrying for it.

Algorithms ensure Killer Footage

With the drones precise following feature, AirDog is ready to cooperate. Given that you will definitely be spinning, jumping and tacking all over the place, filters of AirDog will makes sure that it can follow you with all the rapid changes in direction. You can just go wild with the sport and still get the best footage.

Adapts to your Environment

Again, Windsurfing is a water sport. Of course, you will worry about its resistance with water. Same with the other AirDog drone sport modes, you can dip the AirLeash in the water without having to worry about the AirDog. The engineers of the drone have applied a very advanced algorithms that will prevent the drone from taking a dip into the water if you have to.

Keep you hands on the Boom

You would not have to worry if you happen to not notice the AirDog’s battery in its lowest level. With AirDog, it has a feature that will make the drone land automatically from where your location was last detected. It computes automatically the travel time left for it to land even with its lowest battery level. Same with the other AirDog drone sport modes, it will never run out of power on its way back with its automatic anticipation feature.

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